3D-Measuring technology

Metrology plays a crucial role in the manufacture of machines as it ensures quality assurance and the precision of the manufactured parts. It enables the accurate measurement of dimensions, tolerances, surface finish and other important parameters to ensure that the parts produced meet the specified specifications. It enables the monitoring and control of the manufacturing processes. Regular measurements allow deviations and errors to be identified at an early stage in order to enable timely correction and minimize rejects. By analyzing the measurement data, weak points and bottlenecks in the manufacturing processes can be identified. This makes it possible to optimize processes to achieve greater efficiency, productivity and quality.

Overall, metrology is essential in the manufacture of machinery to ensure quality assurance, process control, customer requirements, and continuous improvement. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the precision, reliability and performance of machines.

Since 2011 we have expanded our service portfolio to include mobile 3D measurement technology. Our measurement technicians support you with high-quality FARO© and API© equipment in a variety of tasks related to tactile and non-contact 3D measurements.
  • Performing measurement tasks with Faro© PLATINUM measuring arm​
  • Performing measurement tasks with Faro© VANTAGE Lasertracker
  • Performing measurement tasks with Faro© FOCUS 3D scanner​
  • Performing measurement tasks with API© RADIAN Lasertracker (incl.V-PROBE)​
  • Software PolyWorks© 2021

  • High-precision measurement of robots for the device
  • Calculation of workobject and basis data
  • Reduction of the correction effort when importing simulation programs
  • Exact grid reference of application points

  • Carrying out tactile wage measurements according to client specifications
  • Target / actual comparison of components
  • quality control
  • Measuring according to inspection characteristic plans
  • Creation of meaningful measurement protocols

  • Calibration with CAD zero dimension
  • Measuring all circulation and centering
  • Shims setting to CAD zero
  • Creating supplement documentation
  • Create meaningful measurement logs

  • Highly accurate transfer of plant layouts to reality
  • Marking of all relevant points
  • Placement of foundation plates and fixtures
  • Marking holes
  • Cover up to 80m radius (without moving the tracker)

  • Non-contact 3D scanning for detailed measurements of surface shapes and complex free-form surfaces

  • High accuracy measurement of existing plants
  • Measurement of all relevant points
  • Reference creation to arbitrary coordinate systems
  • Creation of meaningful measurement protocols / documentation

  • Performing tactile 3D measurement tasks of all kinds