Robot programming

One of our core competencies since the founding of RAITEC Automation has been the professional programming of industrial robots of all kinds for a wide variety of applications.

Whether individual robots, special machines or complex production systems with up to 230 manipulators - our highly qualified employees will accompany you with extensive special knowledge and experience until the successful start.

Robot programming plays a crucial role in industrial automation. As robotic technologies continue to evolve, programming robots becomes increasingly important to maximize their capabilities and expand their capabilities.

Robot programming involves creating precise instructions that enable a robot to perform specific tasks. From simple movements like grasping and placing to complex tasks like assembling components or performing surgical procedures, programming enables robots to work efficiently and accurately, resulting in increased productivity and quality.

The importance of robot programming in industry is undeniable. By automating processes, companies can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety in the workplace. Robots can take on repetitive tasks that can be tiring or dangerous for humans, improving working conditions.
  • Offline Programming (OLP)
  • Type integrations in existing plants
  • Plant conversions/relocations
  • Cycle time optimizations
  • Programming and commissioning of industrial robots
  • ABB S4, IRC5
  • Stäubli
  • Motoman
  • Others on request

  • Interbus (Phoenix)
  • Profibus / Profinet (Siemens)

  • Programming of optical monitoring and adjustment systems for component inspection, path calculation and tracking, positioning etc. (eg Vision Tools, Siemens, Checker and others)
Roboterprogrammierung EN
Roboterprogrammierung EN
Roboterprogrammierung EN
Roboterprogrammierung EN
Roboterprogrammierung EN
Roboterprogrammierung EN