With conventional measuring methods, such as measuring with a tape measure and folding rule, you quickly reach your limits with more complex geometries. In order to still be able to achieve highly accurate and precise results, 3D scanning is the measure of all things.

With the Faro © Focus System for large-scale scans and Faro © EDGE Scanarm for high-precision quality checks, we have professional and established measuring devices in the field of 3D scanning at our disposal in order to be able to meet all your customer requirements in this regard. Regardless of whether you work in mechanical engineering, plant construction, craft, healthcare, art and design, science and research, construction and architecture or similar, you will get a result of the highest quality from us.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Creation of point clouds
  • Creation of polygon models
  • Creation of drawings from digitized models
  • Highly accurate space recording and measurement
  • Digitization of entire plant areas
  • Target / actual comparison
  • Quality control
  • Plant measurement
  • Wear tests
  • Creation of digital data for 3D printing
  • Building survey